TOP 5 ways to Cleanse Your Crystals

Now there are many schools of thought on how to cleanse crystals but here are our TOP 5 ways to Cleanse Crystals

MOON ENEGRY- This might be one of our favorite ways to cleanse crystals. As the moon's energy is so strong, place your crystals out overnight and allow them to recharge. We feel theres always a special energy that comes around during the full moon, and this is a great way for you and your crystals to start fresh!

SUN ENERGY- Think of sunbathing in the warmth of the sun, allow your crystals to do the same (minus the possibilities of skin cancer). Bring in the warmth of the sun and allow your stone to be vibrate off of the suns strong rays .

SMUDGING- Now if you have a serious crystal collection like we do, this might be the easiest way to clear your crystals. Smudging with sage gives your crystals a blank slate and ready for any intention setting you want to have.

Not sure what smudging is? Head to our How To Smudge video here

INTENTION SETTING- Your first want to hold your crystal and reprogram it by exactly stating that, " I want to cleanse this crystal from any reprogramming and use it for my highest good". Then think of your specific intention and insert it into the stone

VIBRATION/MUSIC- This might be the fastest way to cleanse your crystals when you have quite a collection. Using tuning forks to clear your crystals by clinking the forks together and waving the fork over your stone like you would your sage bundle. If you don't have tuning forks, no worries,  playing music (LOUD) and giving your crystals a dance party is a great way to cleanse your crystal. Which ever way you choose, allow the vibration of the sounds to clear out and get your crystal ready for any intention

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