The Auric Fields works with wellness initiatives to curate intentional and sustainable gift offerings, one-of-a kind event experiences, workshops, retreat packages and more. The Auric Fields provides a unique and personal experience filled with magic and intention.

“When we build a display, we are looking at the variety and assortment of the crystal range, in color and in healing properties and just like the Chakra system we are looking for balance, holistically. We honor the beauty and thereby ignite beauty within.”

Crystal Gridding • Energy Healing • Crystal Cleansing • Ceremonial Blessings • Remote Events • Retreats • Private Parties 

Remote Retreat/Event Collaboration

The Auric Fields will hand pick the perfect selection of AF goodies and send sets based on an intentional theme we have designed together. This will include educational materials on the crystals and healing tools.

Energy Cleansing for Milestone Moments

AF provides cleansing services and crystal consults to keep the energy clear and supportive in your new life stage. From new children to businesses, homes and to rental properties, we’ve got you covered.

Energy cleansing for your short-term or long-term rental property: Hire AF to come cleanse your property between tenants or guests to get out the old energy and welcome the new.

Biofield Tuning

A gentle and non-invasive modality that uses sound and vibration to remove congestion in the body, both physically and energetically. Our energy field surrounds and permeates our bodies - it is inextricably connected with our conscious and subconscious mind, including all of our memories. When trauma or unprocessed emotions get "stuck" in our energy field it disrupts our electrical flow of our bodies which in turn manifests in physical and emotional ways. Using this sound therapy method provides targeted nervous system relaxation which can alleviate a wide range of health issues. This process is done by using a variety of tuning forks that are weighted and unweighted as well as crystals. Crystals translate the sound current into amplified pulses making the tone clearer, brighter and faster, which adds efficiency to the tuning process. Crystals also allow electricity, blood and lymph to flow more freely. This is done by stimulating Nitric Oxide (NO) which is a gas that causes muscles to relax and blood vessels to dilate creating more beneficial circulation.

45-50 minute session -



On-Site Retreat/Event Collaboration

The Auric Fields will create a hands-on experience where we will join on-site to help match retreat attendees with the perfect crystal set, offering knowledge and love with Crystal Readings. We can also create a crystal workshop! 

Ceremonial Blessings

We love helping our clients celebrate their milestones and create energetic space for what's to come!

Here is a sampling of what we offer: AF Crystal Grid Blessings for Parents-To-Be: your guests program crystals with loving intentions for your new arrival. We arrange the stones in a crystal grid to amplify these intentions and open a loving, supportive, energetic space for your baby to enter the world. At the end of the blessing, you take home the intention-filled crystals and a photo of the grid to keep the magic alive in the baby's room.

Let's Collaborate