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This Celestite would fit perfectly in your palm. It's in geode matrix with small terminations on the top and a few on the bottom. It lays great on a flat surface as well. It's a great piece to place in a child's room to promote a good night's sleep. 

Measurements | 1"H x 4"W x 2.5"D


Smooth and gentle energy is emitted from these light blue crystals. It’s a particularly great stone to have by your bedside table to aid in restful sleep and during meditation to access higher realms. Also, it’s a great stone for a children’s room.

Energetic Properties | Angelic Communications | Serenity | Restful Sleep | Access to Higher Dimensions 

Ritual | Place by your bedside or under your pillow for restful sleep.

Chakra | Third Eye | Crown 

Origin | Madagascar