The Sacred Geometry of Crystal Grids

The Sacred Geometry of Crystal Grids

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Join the Auric Fields and Mamalier at Earth Altar Studio in Eagle Rock for the last magical workshop in our summer series.

This workshop will be our most intuitive and hands on experience, demystifying the crystal grid. The ladies of AF will assist you in intuitively choosing 1 of 3 different grid experiences. Your grid and crystals will be a running theme throughout the workshop as you learn all about consecrating and charging your crystals, the sacred geometry of your grid, and most importantly, how to make and use them to support you as you manifest your goals. 

All the while, our community herbalist and sommelier Mamalier will provide a crystal-charged herbal infusion to sip as you create the energetically charged geometric pattern. 

This easy-to-construct crystal configuration will help amplify your intentions, activate your goals and harmonize your life.

This evening will end with some magical takeaways: your own crystal grid geometric pattern, crystals to support your intentions and the knowledge on how to use them.

A specially curated crystal collection will be available for purchase. We will also be constructing a community altar to charge any items you wish to entrain with the energy we will be working with this day. 

Location: Earth Altar Studio

                1615 Colorado Blvd,

                Los Angeles, CA 90041


Thursday, September 19 at 7pm

Cost: $60

Not your first workshop with us? Email us at theauricfields@gmail for a discount code for our next workshop