Quartz tower
Quartz tower

Quartz tower

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This is a narrow and medium sized quartz point. It has many inclusions in the middle of the crystal. It’s a great size for crystal grid intentions.

Measurements: 3.5”H x 1 3/4’ W x 1.5”D

Clear Quartz

Its name comes from the Greek word meaning ice. This is a piezoelectric stone, meaning it can generate an electrical charge by simply applying pressure to it. Quartz is such a versatile stone whose energies can be easily programmed to achieve almost any goal. It is also a master amplifier, for this reason it is often used in crystal grids to expand the other crystals energies. Quartz is the ultimate team leader but is also willing to take on a more supporting role. It just depends how you wish to use it.

Energetic Properties | Cleansing | Purify | Sanctify | Calming 

Ritual | Use this stone to connect to your crown chakra when meditating. It can also be used to amplify intentions when used in a crystal grid or herbal blend.

Chakra | Crown

Origin | Madagascar