Rutilated Quartz point
Rutilated Quartz point

Rutilated Quartz point

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This point is one of my favorite of all the Rutilated Quartz we have available. The Rutiles are all located towards the bottom fo the crystal and are very thick and prominent. 

Measurements: 1 3/4" H x 1 1/4" L x 3/4" D

Rutilated Quartz

These crystals can be either clear or smoky quartz with strands of Rutile which are needle like crystals embedded into the crystal. Today I bring you clear Quartz with brown Rutile. These particular crystals help clear blockages to health and abundance. They are useful in creative endeavours, activating your higher mind in receiving Divine inspiration. These crystals are also highly programmable. You can use these to amplify your intentions or goals and it is thought that the Rutile helps to speed up the broadcasting of these intentions to source. 

Energetic Properties | Highly Programmable | Amplification | Allow for Health and Abundance | Divine Inspiration 

Ritual | These are crystals are highly programmable so using them as a center stone in a crystal grid would be highly beneficial. Also, you can use these during any moon cycle ritual, especially for a New Moon cycle to program your intentions or wishes.

Chakra | All

Origin | Brazil