Stilbite with Apophyllite

Stilbite with Apophyllite

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The delicate beauty of this self standing Stilbite is accentuated by the addition of Apophyllite. These two in combination resonate all the Heart, Third Eye and Crown Chakra vibrations.

Measurements of this piece: 3 H x 7 W x 5 D


Stilbite is a member of the Zeolite family. The delicate nature of this crystal extends to the energy it eminantes. It's definitely a love stone and casts a calming vibration when one is emotionally vulnerable. With the addition of Apophyllite, the connection to the heart and mind is illuminated. It's the perfect piece to rest on ones bedside table.

Energetic Properties | Restful Sleep | Clarity of thought | Serenity

Ritual | Use this stone for Dream magic. Keeping this stone by your bedside table or under your pillow will allow the subconscious to enter a dream state. Make sure to keep a journal to jot down your dream messages

Chakra | Heart, Third Eye and Crown

Origin | India