About Kim: 

With her background in fashion and product development , Kim left her stressful life for a career in health and wellness.  Now currently a Pilates instructor, Kim Cuna has always been drawn to crystals and self healing.  When she met Betty, she became interested in using the healing properties of crystals to support her goals.

Her natural aesthetic eye combined with her previous experience owning her own line of accessories makes the Auric Fields feel like a natural and fun step forward.

Kim has been trained in Reiki 1+2 and is currently studying Feng Shui to be able to optimize the energy flow in homes and businesses through AF’s Energy Cleansing

About Betty: Betty Hernandez-Tupta is a Certified Crystal Healer (CCH) and Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) who has owned a successful multidisciplinary healing practice in Northeast Los Angeles since 2010. Her passion for learning led her to pursue a professional certification in crystal healing from the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, after which she began to study the impact of sound vibration on the body via Biofield Tuning. When she started using crystals with tuning forks in her chiropractic treatments, she noticed an immediate amplification of her treatment outcomes. She began to create crystal prescriptions so her patients could continue healing between visits.
Betty loves both crystals and people, and paring crystals with people has been a joyful addition to her practice. A life-long learner, she is passionate about teaching people how to use these natural tools to encourage balance, magnetism and growth. Her mission is to empower women to take care of their bodies, minds and spirits through seeking holistic support.  

The Auric Fields are graduating layers of light that manage the energy outside of the body. Auric Fields connect to the chakras, creating a partnership between what happens inside and outside of a person.

The Auric Fields
Founded in 2017, The Auric Fields is a the partnership between co-owners Betty Tupta and Kim Cuna.  Fueled by their creativity, passion and love for the esoteric, The AF stems from a desire to educate about the healing power of crystals and make healing tools accessible to a wide audience.


the auric fields

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