Let's Talk Crystals

So, you made it here. You see all of the beautiful stones and gems in the shop, the lists of uses and intentions.. And you freeze. You don’t even know where to look – you might not even know what you are looking for. Grab an expert (that’s me!), and sit down for a chat to dive deep into the questions and needs you have from your next crystal purchase.
Help me please!

Find What You Are Looking For

Sometimes, you don’t know what you don’t know. An outside perspective on your thoughts, intentions, and needs can point you in the right direction. I am a certified crystal healer, and together we can work on pinpointing your specific needs and the crystals that can help with those needs.


What Can A Crystal Concierge Session Do For Me?

You might be a newbie in the crystal space, or a long time fan.. Here are some benefits of getting an expert on your team.

Pick Out Crystals You May Have Not Known About

Having me by your side give you an entire crystal encyclopedia at your fingertips. I can pick out crystals that will work perfectly for you that may not be on everyone else's shelf.

Learn How To Best Utilize The Stones You Pick

Okay, so you have some crystals. Now what? I will give you a a detailed crystal prescription - this will outline which crystals, yes. It will also tell you what to use these crystals for, and the best ways to incorporate them in your day to day.


Yes, I Want A Crystal Guide! – What Now?

Step 1

Book a date here! Once you do, you will be emailed an intake form which I ask you about your intentions and needs from the crystals.

Step 2

Fill out that form and send it back to me asap! This will help me prep for our 20 minute consultation session on the date you booked.

Step 3

After the call, I will send you a detailed crystal prescription: this may include single crystals, a crystal grid, a gem elixir or meditation, or any combination of these. Crystals will be shipped to you directly. If you are local to Los Angeles, we can arrange pickup for you.


Be Crystal Confident

Know that a Certified Crystal Practitioner (that’s me! ;) ) has carefully picked out the perfect crystals bespoke for you and your needs. No more wondering if you chose the right one, or if perhaps you focused on the wrong intention. I have years of experience helping people physically, emotionally, and vibrationally heal and align themselves.

You are in great hands and can walk away knowing you are on the right track.


Book Here for Crystal Concierge Services!

**You will be redirected to the booking page of BackBenders, my chiropractic practise. You will have the option to book any Crystal Healing, Biofield Tuning, or Crystal Concierge services directly through that platform.




Time & Cost 



$85 consultation fee plus the cost of crystals