Crystal Camp 2021

Are we ready to gather? If you've been craving community and connection, The AF has planned a trio of summer workshops filled with crystals, creativity, and astrology. These workshops intend to build and evolve your crystal and astrology knowledge and indulge your inner child with a hands on craft, because let's be honest, what's camp without art! 

I’ve collaborated with a few of my favorite ladies to bring you Crystal Camp, a three-part summertime series. 

Whether you are just a wee bit crystal curious, an experienced cosmic planner, or craving creativity, there will be much to partake in as we delve deep into astrology and crystals. 

Take one or all three Crystal Camp workshops; it's your choice!

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Here's the lineup for Crystal Camp 2021:


Workshop with Mamalier, $122

How to adopt crystal and astrology fundamentals for courageous self-acceptance

Saturday, July 31st at 3 pm


Workshop with Mamalier, $122

How to effectively work with crystals to assist with challenging birth chart placements

Saturday, August 21st at 3 pm


Workshop with Concrete Geometric, $111

Creating a crystal infused sacred geometry planter.

Saturday, August 14th and August 28th at 5pm



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