3rd Eye Journey Crystal Kit
3rd Eye Journey Crystal Kit

3rd Eye Journey Crystal Kit

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3rd Eye Journey 

Connecting with your higher self, your angels or your guides can be a very therapeutic and comforting experience. Tapping into these ancient and ethereal connections can help you navigate the earthly world. Whether you wish to know your guides, connect with angels or simply get to know yourself better, this Auric Fields 3rd Eye Journey crystal kit was channeled to steward this connection. I have included crystals that stimulate the 3rd Eye Chakra and develop and strengthen your connection to Source Energy.

Along with the crystals, you will receive an email with a detailed graphic on how crystals work and how they can work for you. 

Apatite | Psychic Activation | Access to Knowledge | Lucid Dreaming | Astral Travel

Scolecite | Inner Peace | Relaxation and Tranquility | Awakening of the Heart | Interdimensional Travel

Aragonite | Emotional Healing and Mending | Emotional Strength | Balance | Gently Releases Blockages in the Chakras | Assists in Reaching Higher States of Consciousness

Quartz | Manifestation | Clarity | Amplification | Highly Programmable

Dumortierite | Transcendence | Enhances All Mental Abilities | Psychic Activation of the Claires’ | Memory Retention