Azurite with Quartz

Azurite with Quartz

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These stones always remind us of the ocean with their cooling blue tones. This Azurite is in matrix with quartz. Energetically, the quartz will amplify Azurites inherent properties. It's a healers stone for sure.  

Measurements : 3"H x 2"W


Azurite aids us in the pursuit of our heavenly self. These are especially beneficial for light workers to open themselves to hallow bone. Therefore, this stone is a Third Eye activator, stimulates spiritual and psychic gifts.

Energetic Properties | Opens Psychic Powers | Aligns Inner Vision to Higher Guidance | Past Life Recall | Identifies Root of One's Fear 

Ritual | If you're a healer or light worker Azurite is a great stone to prepare one's self before sessions.  

Chakra | Third Eye

Origin | USA