IN PERSON CRYSTAL LINK UP 11/8, 11/14 & 11/28



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This is a nice piece of raw Chrysocolla. It has some beautiful turquoise hues.

Measurements: 1.5”H x 4.5”W x 3.5”D


This is a Goddess stone due to its deep feminine energy that it imparts to both men and women. It works to stimulate both the heart and throat chakras, producing gentle, clear and compendious communication. It is also known as the Teaching Stone, allowing you to speak from the heart and express your highest knowledge. 

Energetic Properties | Communication | Relieves Stress | Empowerment of Feminine Energies | Know as the Teaching Stone

Ritual | Carrying a Chrysocolla over the throat when presenting information to a large group will impart the energetic properties of clear communication.

Chakra | Heart + Throat

Origin | USA