Lemurian Seed

Lemurian Seed

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This is a large sized clear quartz Lemurian seed with beautiful record keepers. 

Measurements: 6" H x 2 1/4" W x 2" D 

Lemurian Seed

This is one of my favorite crystals and I know I say that about a lot of them but for realsies this one is powerful! These crystals are said to be encoded with messages from Lemuria. This was a fabled civilization that was spiritually very connected and in alignment with higher consciousness. The striations often felt and seen on the Lemurian crystals are called record keepers and that’s one of the ways to distinguish a Lemurian seed from a regular Quartz. These crystals are attuned with the Divine Feminine and Yin energy. They emanate a strong sense of love and reestablishes the connection with our higher self and our earthy body. These are powerful stones with messages from an ancient and spiritual people. 

Energetic Properties | Expanded Consciousness | Encoded messages from the Lemurians | Connection to the Divine Feminine 

Ritual | Holding a Lemurian seed crystal during a meditation in combination with the sounds of dolphins brings a very strong connection to your inner light. Be prepared for visual experience and downloads from these ancient people. 

Chakra | Crown | Sun Star 

Origin | Brazil