Unicorn totem
Unicorn totem

Unicorn totem

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These are beautifully carved stones in the shape of the magical unicorn. We offer a variety colors and crystals to suit your needs. 

Energetic Properties
Rose Quartz I Love - Self Love - Forgiveness- Empathy 
Chakra Heart
Black Obsidian Protection - Strength - Detoxifying - Compassion
Chakra I Root
Rhodonite Confidence - Clears Confusion
Chakra Heart
Lepidolite Aids in Physical Healing - Stress Relief - Serenity 
Chakra Third Eye
Amazonite Communication - Assists in Healing Emotional Trauma 
Chakra Throat
Ritual Unicorn totems can be used on your altar to impart third eye energy and the need for self-exploration. Additionally, you can choose from our variety of crystal elements which will also impart additional healing qualities to your altar.
Origin India


2x2 inch tall