Gold Sheen Obsidian Palm Stones

Gold Sheen Obsidian Palm Stones

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These are large palm stones. Each of them with a unique shimmer and shine. Obsidian is a volcanic glass and the gold sheen is a natural occurrence that happens as different impurities in the lava cool.

Measurements: 1" H x 4" W x 3" D

Real talk here ladies, I used to be apprehensive about Obsidian. It took me some time to get comfortable with it because it’s a strong energy but these times call for strength. This particular variety is called Gold Sheen due to the beautiful gold shimmer that appears when a light source is shined upon it. Golden Sheen Obsidian has a more gentle energy then regular Black Obsidian. It aids in the healing and releasing from the abuse of power. It is also a Solar Plexus (3rd chakra) activator, a manifestor and also purifier of your auric field as it also contains the generic elements of Obsidian. 

Gold Sheen Obsidian 

Energetic Properties | Purification | Strengthening Will | Heals and Releases the Power of Abuse | Finding Hidden Talents

Ritual | Meditating with this stone on your Solar Plexus will help in strengthening one’s will. 

Chakra | Solar Plexus

Origin | Mexico