Green Purple Kunzite

Green Purple Kunzite

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This piece has an unusual shape and the larger in size. Kunzite comes in different colors. This particular piece ranges from green to purple and clear.

Measurements of this piece: 2.5 H x 5 W x 3/4 D


Kunzite opens up the heart to the vibration of Divine Love. It also opens up communication between your heart and mind, as well as facilitating stress relief. The king and gentle vibes of Kunzite help you move in the world with ease and serenity.

Energetic Properties | Assists in Releasing Resistance to Change | Activates the Heart's Knowing | Helps Receive Divine Love

Ritual | Wearing Kunzite on the body imbues you with the gentle vibration of serenity. It can be worn when going through a stressful time. Also, meditating with it can fill you with a profound feeling of Universal Love.

Chakra | Heart

Origin | Afghanistan