Shadow Journey Crystal Kit
Shadow Journey Crystal Kit

Shadow Journey Crystal Kit

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Shadow Journey

Spiritual work is often not rainbows and sunshine: we all weather storms on the spiritual journey before we can access the rainbows. Shadow work, or excavating our unconscious, is a part of the storm. The shadow self includes the aspects of self we do not see or do not wish to see. It’s all the parts of ourselves that we leave in the shadow, away from others. If we truly want to become whole, instead of denying or repressing our shadow, we must work with it. This crystal kit was channelled to help explore your shadow self with grace and love, to help you integrate your shadow side and make space for more creativity and authenticity. 

Along with the crystals, you will receive an email with a detailed graphic on how crystals work and how they can work for you. 

Rhodonite | Discovery of One’s Gifts | Stone of Learning and Development | Self Worth | Forgiveness Stone

Amazonite | Truth | Communication | Harmony | Magnifier of Intentions

Lepidolite | Serenity | Stress Relief | Purification | Emotional Healing and Balance 

Halite | Cleansing | Purification | Protection Against Psychic Attacks | Works to Dissolve Issues of Abandonment and Rejection

Rose Quartz | Self Love | Compassion | Forgiveness | Empathy