The Auric Fields

Sunday Morning Sip + Smudge


Join me for an intimate, in-person event where you will experience the ancient art of smudging firsthand.

Immerse yourself in a delightful experience as you delicately handcraft your very own Palo Santo and Sage herbal bundles. Feel the smooth texture of the aromatic herbs as you wrap them together, creating a beautiful gift for the special people in your life. Sip on a mimosa, its rich hues reflecting the warmth of sisterhood, while indulging in delectable bites that tantalize your taste buds.

Palo santo and sage fill the air with a soothing scent, creating a serene atmosphere.

As Mother’s Day approaches, this event offers a perfect opportunity to bond with girl friends or create heartfelt gifts to cherish the special moments shared.

Dr. Betty will provide Palo Santo and three different Sage cuttings - freshly picked from her garden - along with a variety of fragrant florals and herbs for you to create your own unique smudge bundles. In addition, you will gain knowledge about the basics of smudging and discover the unique healing properties possessed by each plant that is used.

This evening will end with magical takeaways.

  • 4 herbal smudge bundles 
  • Custom AF matchsticks 
  • Complimentary gift boxes if you’d like to gift some of the smudge bundles created. 

A Mother’s Day table full of Auric Fields crystals. All attendees will receive 15% off of AF crystals.

To secure your spot, purchase your tickets in advance, as there are limited quantities available (no walk-ins allowed).

*Besides wine, guests will have the option of sparkling water or juice.

All sales are final. 


Sunday Morning Sip + Smudge

Price: $85 light bites included

Date: Friday, May 5th

Time: 11 am-12:30 pm

Location: Back Benders

1551 Colorado Blvd #104

Los Angeles, CA 90041


What are Chakras?

Chakras, or “wheels” in Sanskrit, are spiraling energy centers aligned down the center of your body that support and affect the body’s communication and health. In addition to the 7 Major Chakras, described below, we also have many minor chakras throughout our physical body that can be blocked in illness and unblocked in healing. Chakras are labeled in ascending order and are associated with a color and intention.

Chakra 1: Root = Red

  • Located at the level of your tailbone.
  • It gives us the feeling of being grounded.

Chakra 2: Sacral = Orange

  • Located at the sacrum, the triangular shaped bone at the base of your spine.
  • Governs creativity and sexual energy.

Chakra 3: Solar Plexus = Yellow

  • Located above your navel.
  • Feelings of self esteem, self worth and self confidence

Chakra 4: Heart = Green/Pink

  • Located at the center of your breast bone.

The connection between the lower chakras and higher chakras, it influences your ability to give and receive love of all kinds.

Chakra 5: Throat = Blue

  • Located at the hollow area on your throat.
  • Clear and truthful communication.

Chakra 6: Third Eye = Indigo

  • Located at the middle of your forehead.
  • Connection to your intuition.

Chakra 7: Crown= Violet/Gold

  • Located at the top of your head.
  • Your connection to spirit.

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