A Beginner's Guide to Crystals

Energy work, intention setting, meditation and relaxation practices, manifestation, jewelry and simply just beautifying our spaces.

Crystals seem to be everywhere lately, and for good reason. They are ancient talismans, reminders to our souls that we all are made of the same building blocks. They also come in a giant array of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures for us to experience and behold. They are beautiful and mesmerizing to see, powerful and healing to feel.

They are powerhouses of healing. Learning how to harness that healing and bring it to our everyday lives can be invaluable, and can be a cornerstone to our personal energetic wellbeing.

By using crystals consistently, we can connect to our soul and to our energies and those of the world around us. 

How do crystals work?

That all sounds beautiful, but how do these stones actually help us energetically and emotionally?

Every single thing in the Universe has it’s own vibration.You, me, the screen you are reading this on, and of course, crystals.

All of it.

This means that each crystal has its own unique vibrational and energetic pattern and frequency as well. And unlike people, the energetics of crystals are stable. It doesn’t change because the fixed geometric molecular pattern is a constant, fixed thing. Stable molecules equal stable energy - perfect to help us, humans, with our unstable, ever-moving energies.

When you work with these energies, they play with our own vibrational fields and apply different effects depending on the crystal and the intention you put behind it. This can be for simple emotional healing, physical comfort, chakra balancing, or grounding.. The list of uses is infinite.


What do we use crystals for?

Crystals are used for energetic and emotional healing in many different ways and through dozens of modalities. Every person has different needs, and the use of crystals to help with those needs is never a one size fits all plan.

Some of the most common uses for crystals are:

-intention setting
-raising vibrations in physical spaces
-physical symptoms
-attracting wealth or money
-chakra alignment
-energetic protection
-grounding oneself

It is helpful to know what crystals are good for what use, but it is important to understand that you will always know intuitively which stone can help you in the moment. Connecting both on an educational level as well as a vibrational level with the crystals you use will be key to having a powerful practice.


Best crystals for beginners

1. Clear Quartz

Perhaps the most well-known crystal out there, Clear Quartz is the all star of the team. It is a multi-use tool for energetics, able to clear negative vibrations, enhance psychic ability, improves concentration, and aligns chakras.

2. Amethyst

This purple powerhouse is one of the most visually appealing, due to its pastel to vivid shades and crystalline forms. The energetic properties of Amethyst include those of abundance, increased intuition, stress relief, and transmutation of negative energy.
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3. Rose Quartz

Love embodied, Rose Quartz is soothing, healing, and energetically magnetic all in one. It is known as the stone of unconditional love. It is perfect for self-love, calm, emotional healing, deep freindships, and compassion.
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4. Citrine

Citrine is the most commonly mentioned crystal when it comes to work around manifestation. Light to smokey yellow in color, Citrine is used to attract wealth and abundance. Other uses for Citrine include bringing energetic alignment, attracting joy, activating creativity, and bringing warmth.
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5. Black Obsidian

This is protection, upleveled. Black Obsidian is the crystal you need when it comes to both grounding and energetic protection. It cleanses negative patterns, uncovers unconscious thoughts and clears your aura. Additionally, it can help you with clear thought and getting to the truth of a situation.
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6. Carnelian

Carnelian wants to be an energetic kick in the ass. It is perfect for when you need a creativity boost or some passion behind a vibrational stagnancy.  Carnelian is known for helping confidence, stirring up the soul, and providing inspiration.
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7. Black Tourmaline

Along with its friend Obsidian, Black Tourmaline is here to banish negativity from your space and your life. This crystal is known for its energetic purification, cleansing us of spiritual muck and mud. It is also grounding and protective against EMF and psychic attacks.
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8. Smokey Quartz

A close sibling to Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz is the more stable one. When Clear Quartz wants to rush its energy through you to cleanse, Smokey Quartz is here to ground you into yourself and stabilize your vibration. It neutralizes negativity and helps level erratic emotions.


How to choose which one to use? 

Now that you know the basics, and have a quick glimpse into some of our favorites, you may be asking “Okay cool… but how do I choose?!”

It’s simple. Almost too simple.

When you are shopping, close your eyes for a second and really feel into the vibration you may be getting from a stone or group of stones. Be clear with your intention for the crystal of your choosing, and let it choose you. You will most likely know intuitively if a crystal is right for you.

If you are in doubt, always ask the person working at the store about the crystals you are considering, or about the intentions you may have. They may have some recommendations of their own of crystals that you may not have known about or considered.

Here at The Auric Fields, we have custom Crystal Concierge services with Dr. Betty! These are Sessions where you will discuss your intentions and goals for the crystal energy you seek. You will meet with Dr. Betty, and then after she will send you a detailed crystal prescription: this may include single crystals, a crystal grid, a gem elixir or meditation, or any combination of these. Crystals will be shipped to you directly. If you are local to Los Angeles, we can arrange pickup for you.

This is perfect for the newly crystal curious - what better way to get the right crystals than to have the expert on speed dial!


What next? 

You are prepped with your Crystal 101 knowledge. You have an idea of which crystal you would like to pick up next, or are getting clear on the intentions you have for your crystal work.

What now?

Head on over to our shop here to grab some of the basics, or to explore some new and carefully curated specimens. We also have altar tools, crystal grids for amplified crystal energetics, and card decks. Don’t forget to shop local and come into our pop-up shop located at Back Benders in Los Angeles, CA. Not local? If you can, always support your own local metaphysical and crystal shops!

Do you have any crystals you would add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.