Crystals for Money and Prosperity

When you get into crystals for the first time, the term “manifestation” often pops up. With that, “money manifestation”, “how to manifest money”, and “best crystals for money”.

It’s safe to say that getting more moolah can be popular with the crystal curious.

Getting that cash is not always what is implied by manifestation though. Prosperity comes in so many forms. The dictionary definition of prosperity is this:

Prosperity: noun
pros·​per·​i·​ty | \ prä-ˈsper-ə-tē  \
Definition of prosperity
: the condition of being successful or thriving
especially : economic well-being

Being successful is not always monetary - it can mean a fulfilling career, incredible relationships, tight knit family or thoughtful friendships.

Whatever success or prosperity means to you, there are some crystals out there that can absolutely help. Whether you are looking for a cash flow boost or just a little more gratitude, here are some crystals that are great for bringing in prosperity.


The 4 Best Crystals to Use for Prosperity

While there are so many crystals you can use to attract any number of things when it comes to prosperity and money, there are a couple of hard hitters that you can have on your team. The good news? Most of these crystals are common and easy to find at your local crystal shop or metaphysical store. If you can’t find them, make sure to head on over to the AF shop and grab what you need!



Literally called Fools Gold, Pyrite is the classic money-attracting stone. Shimmering and glitzy gold, it closely resembles the real thing. Use Pyrite if you are calling in money specifically, or if you are looking for some help with manifesting monetary changes or career jumps.

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye

Another classic, Tigers Eye is the one you want on your side for feeling confident and capable in your life. Keep a tiger's eye in your pocket when you are wanting a general feeling of fulfillment in your day to day. Tiger Eye works with you to remind you that the universe provides and that everything you need will come your way in divine timing.


Warm, sunny vibrations come through when working with Ctririne, Citrine is the stone of success! It is often recommended to entrepreneurs and bosses when a spotlight on the next level of success is needed. Use Citrine to attract next-level moves, next-level income, and unexpected abundance just when you need it.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine

Rounding out our money crystal besties, Green Aventurine provides some color and a splash of lushness to the lineup. Literally the color of money, Green aventurine is about luck, joy, and prosperity. Grounding and stability are also tied into the energetics of this stone, giving some earthiness to the airy feeling of prosperity and dreaming big.


How to Use Crystals to Attract Money

So, what’s next? You got all the crystals ready.. What is the best way to use them? Here are some simple ways to pair up with your crystal partners and get the most out of the money mavens you have acquired.

Ritual Bath for Abundance

Water is a great conductor. It is a perfect place to calm down the nervous system and really focus on the intentions you have around attracting more abundance. Add herbs, essential oils, and candles to amp up the energy. Grab your crystals and place them on the side of the tub, or close by if you are showering. Allow them to charge up the water as you are soaking, inviting that energy right down into your core.

Crystal Altar for Prosperity

Altars are a classic in crystal work, and one of my favorite ways to incorporate crystals into my everyday life. Your altar is always personal to you, so what you use as an altar and what you include on it is completely up to you. This is a big boost to your magic - what is better than a completely custom to your intentions energetic space?! Altars are my top suggestion for anyone wanting to get into regular energetic, work, especially with crystals and their energy.

How to Create a Crystal Altar for Prosperity

First things first - you do not need some giant pedestal or desk space to be your altar. You can use a corner of a dresser, a section of your work desk, or even a windowsill. 

Next, gather up your items for the altar. You can include things like:
- A cloth, or any type of material to use as the base. Make sure you love the way it looks!

- Crystals that you have chosen

- Totems or statues of dieties or important figures
- Candles. Green, gold, and silver are great for prosperity work

- Tarot or Oracle cards

- Greenery, including plants, leaves, or flowers

- Any small items or trinkets that resonate or bring you joy

Set up your altar in any way that makes sense for you and your space. Make sure the altar is clean, and that energy can flow freely around it. Dust and clutter don’t always lend themselves to clear vibrational movement.

Take a moment daily to look at your altar, offer any prayers or intentions to it, and give it some attention.


The tried and true way to get energy moving and your intentions out there. Make sure you are in a comfy space with your fave journal and pen. Keep your crystals nearby, or set them onto your journal before you start to clear or infuse the energy. Then, write whatever comes to you. When working with prosperity or calling in money, gratitude is a big movement maker. Bringing in the energy of gratitude calls more of the things we are grateful for into our lives. Make a gratitude list, and then make a big audacious list of the energy and items you may want more of. Allow yourself to dream big, and do not feel bad for wanting money, career success, or physical items. As you are writing, imagine how it would feel to have those things. Once you are done, close your journal and thank it for working with you. Grab your crystals, and hold them in the palm of your hand, feeling their warmth and vibrations. Thank them as well, and place them back to their best spot


Prosperity Crystal Grid

Just like creating a crystal altar, creating a Prosperity Crystal Grid is perfect for directing the energy of a specific goal. You are arranging specially chosen crystals in a physical pattern, used for a definitive reason. This personalization and direct intention really amplify the energy you can bring in.

They are incredible for really connecting with yourself, your energy, and your space. Often, some people look at crystal grids and think that they are for aesthetics only. While they are often visually beautiful, yes - the practice of using a crystal grid goes way deeper than that.

How to make a Prosperity Crystal Grid

Making Crystal Grids can be as simple or as complex as you would like.

1. Choose the crystals you would like to use. To refresh, the crystals I suggest for Prosperity and Money are Pyrite, Citrine, Aventurine, and Tigers Eye. If you would like more than those, I suggest adding amplifying crystals like Quartz or Selenite as well.

2. Decide on the design of the grid. You can look up different ones online, or you can simply just do what feels right. The only requirement is that there is a clear anchor stone and that you use geometric or repeating patterns in the way you arrange them. Things like circles, spirals, squares, or rectangles are very common.

3. Once they are arranged, take some time to activate the grid. You do this by sitting with it, and really feeling in the energy of the grid. Infuse your intentions into it while focusing on its shape, colors, and vibrations. Remember to stay focused, as you want to use it for a specific purpose and intention.

Shop Abundance at The AF

Over at The Auric Fields, we have a bunch of goodies perfect for bringing in that sweet, sweet abundance! Grab these the next time you are looking for tools to manifest, writing gratitude lists, or to attract a little extra cash boost.

Bountiful Crystal Grid

Bountiful Crystal Grid Kit

If you need a cosmic nudge, this grid is for you! It’s designed to imbue empowerment and clarity in whichever direction you desire, from your career to your relationships.


Lapis Lazuli with Pyrite Inclusion

Lapis Lazuli with Pyrite in Quartz Matrix

Lapis is a long-time favorite for uses with the throat and third eye chakras. Wisdom and integrity are the vibe for Lapis - add in some Pyrite for good luck and abundance and you have a pair perfect for manifesting your next level.


Congo Citrine

Congo Citrine

Citrine from the Congo is unlike any other Citrine you've seen. This location produces beautifully, sprouted clusters of Citrine, only found in Africa. This is my absolute favorite stone for manifestation, business, and wealth. Some may refer to them as Kundalini Citrine due to their formation. Congo Citrine comes in different levels of saturation. You may find them in a smokey or pale to clear color.