Full Moon Crystals

Since the beginning of time, we have looked at the sky during a full moon with both awe and wonder. As time went on, we learned that this celestial body influences time, menstrual cycles, seasons, and the tide. So of course it effects us. You don’t take a second look at the Full Moon, when it catches your eye, for no reason.

The moon, regardless of phase, is the face of our emotions. In Astrology, the moon governs our innermost selves, our emotional regulation patterns, and our inner child. It shows us where we can parent ourselves and really take care of our needs, despite the happenings around us.

Full Moon Energy

The moon’s most prominent and well-known phase is one of culmination, fulfillment, and full to the brim emotions. It is when you reap what you have sown, and let whatever isn’t working fall away.

A Full Moon is an opportunity. It is where you can harness that lunar energy and direct it to where you need the most support. It is all about balance here - between being full and releasing.

There is also a reason that society seems to “let loose” around full moons. Emergency rooms, police lines, children.. They all seem to act out and go up in arms when the full moon comes around. This is because this phase releases stagnant energy. It allows you to let loose a little bit and drop some of the hyper vigilant facade that a lot hold onto tightly.

Crystals for the Full Moon

This is where crystals come in. As opposed to the foreign lunar energy surrounding you at this stage, crystals bring in some grounding and connection to the earth beneath our feet. 

Combine that with different energetic vibrations like protection and angelic guidance, crystals and the full moon are the perfect equation. 

Here are some of The AF’s suggestions for the best crystals to use on the Full Moon!


The classic lunar crystal, Selenite is literally named after the moon! This crystal is full moon energy embodied. Use Selenite when your lunar intentions include work around fulfillment or connecting with your higher self. Selenite is big goddess energy.



Another seemingly obvious choice! Moonstone is underrated - you don’t need a full moon (or even a lunar ritual!) to use it! Use this one, during the full moon, to tap into your intuition and your inner knowing. Especially when feeling overwhelmed or scattered!



Amethyst works closely with the Crown and the Third Eye Chakra. This means that it is an incredible crystal partner when it comes to psychic abilities and higher selves. It does double duty as well - launching us up inot the psychic realms while also keeping us spiritually protected and safe. Amethyst is a must have for any full moon work.



More protection, please! When working with extra heightened energies, you need to make sure that you have as much grounding and protection available as possible. Labradorite is amazing at working through fear and mental blocks, while also keeping you safe and clear on your needs.


Remember how I said the full moon is a time of releasing what no longer serves you? Opal is here to help with that! This crystal helps with the release of tumultuous feelings, and then the process back to baseline after. It is all about balance with Opal, and it vibrates highly with calmness, caring, and support.


Black Tourmaline

Rounding out the pack, you have ol’ faithful - Black Tourmaline. The great energetic defender, Black Tourmaline is here to set up some serious protection and grounding despite the descending lunar rays. It also helps with confidence when dealing with tough or mentally difficult situations.


How to use Crystals during the Full Moon

So, what’s next? You got all the crystals ready.. What is the best way to use them? Here are some quick and easy ways to pair up with your crystal partners and get the most out of the full moon.

Ritual Bath

Run yourself a warm, luxurious soak in the glow of the moon. The moon is deeply entrenched in water energy, so submerging yourself in a bath is perfect. Place your crystals on the side of the tub, light a few candles, and let yourself soak in the crystal vibrations. Envision the energy swirling around you in the water and being absorbed by you as you soak. PSA - do NOT submerge any crystals until you are certain that they are safe. Some crystals are not safe to use in water and can hurt you or themselves.

Burning Ceremony

Not nearly as dangerous as it sounds, this one is simple. Write down everything you want to release. Anything that isn’t serving you, is holding you back or is no longer in alignment. Once you have them written down, grab a lighter and a fire-safe bowl. Arrange your crystals nearby, or whisper some intentions for the ceremony to them before you start. Then, simply burn each of the notes and watch as the smoke dissipates with the release of energy.


Easy peasy! Get yourself set up in a comfy space with your fave journal and pen. Keep your crystals nearby, or set them onto your journal before you start to clear or infuse the energy. Then, write whatever comes to you. Channel if that is something that you can do. Get everything out of your head and onto the page, so that you can start fresh once you are finished.


The Auric Fields' Full Moon Gift Guide

Want to know some of our faves for the Full Moon? Here are the things we would grab before our next big lunation!

Wildest Dreams Journal by Adelfi

Optimal bedside companion. Keep this on hand for those late-night, middle of the night, first thing in the morning strokes of genius. You never know what your dreams may reveal…


Flower Agate Moon

Use this crystal on your altar to honor a self-love spell during a moon cycle. It can also be used to hold herbs or charge jewelry.


Sacred Symbols Oracle Deck

This is the 3rd edition of Sacred Symbols Oracle deck by artist and intuitive Marcella Kroll. 

Created with the highest intentions, Sacred Symbols was designed for those seeking clarity and guidance. This deck can serve as support for meditation and as a path to the magic of sacred symbology.


Amethyst Palm Stone

The energetic properties of this beautiful stone include: Removing resistance to change, repels negativity, deepens meditative state, sparks happiness and joy.