The Best Crystals for Autumn

While we still have a few more weeks of “Summer” here in the Northern Hemisphere, the autumn vibes are definitely making their way to us all.

Autumn is a time for quiet, deep change. It is the shedding of leaves, and of the things that may not serve us anymore as we prep for a dark winter.

I love this season and the work that it often brings forward. Shadow work is potent to be doing, regardless of the season. We can be called to do work like this during the Fall because it feels like the Earth is doing the same - shedding and synthesizing all of the dead stuff to nurture new life come Spring.


Crystals for Fall

As always, crystals are an incredible tool to utilize when doing any kind of spiritual or energetic work. They offer connection points to not only the earth, but to our guides, higher beings, and to the deep part of ourselves.

Bring in some of the support you need by grabbing these stones - the colors, intentions, and vibrations are great for fall.


Here are some of The AF’s suggestions for the best crystals to use during Autumn.

Red Calcite

Red Calcite

Red Calcite is perfect for stimulating your vibration. It inspires movement and change and is full of energy. Pair that with some intense grounding and protective properties, and this is a great stone to have on your side when you need to make some big changes.



Gold Sheen Obsidian

Inky and black, full of protection and shields against negativity. Obsidian meets the aesthetic factor for autumn (spooky and dark, right?), but also comes up strongly vibrationally to help you explore the unknown inside of you. Trauma work and removal of blocks are no match with Obsidian on your roster.


Petrified Wood

Talk about transformation! Petrified Wood is a great stone for security and safety within slow-moving but intense transformation, and helps with confidence and resilience. 



Carnelian is a keystone in nearly all seasons, and Autumn is no exception. Carnelian activates and clarifies when we are deep in the sludge. Use Carnelian when you need some confidence in the chaos, and to ground and connect to your Root chakras.


Moss Agate

This green, forest-like stone fits in so well with our Autumn lineup. Moss Agate brings emotional balance, a sense of serenity, and a breath of fresh air. It heals and nurtures us back to equilibrium.




Hematite is an absorber. It takes negative and unbalanced energies and transmutes them into workable energy. It can ground and protect while providing clarity and focus. Also on the Hematite list: are confidence, stability, and energy perfect for manifestation.


Autumn Intentions

We have talked about how great the season is for specific things like trauma and shadow work, inner child healing, and gratitude - what does that look like and what could we do with each of those goals and intentions? Here are some Fall energetic work suggestions. 


Gratitude will be key for us during this time. If you are doing the transformation work, have a touchstone to keep your vibrations high and your head in the moment. Gratitude work is perfect for this.

Gratitude creates more abundance in your life. What you focus on, you attract. Gratitude brings with it joy and optimism, along with a mental boost from going over the things you are grateful for on a regular basis.

Shadow Work

The dark isn't always as scary as it sounds. Everything isn’t always love and light. Both of these facts can be true, and they occur at the same time. Working with our unconscious and the things we keep hidden away is helpful for our inevitable growth and happiness.

Inner Child Healing

Fall works well in tandem with Inner Child work, as they both require a peek into dark areas and a waiting period for the next sliver of light. Healing starts within, and taking this on can be heavy. Make sure you have a great support system and utilize professionals when needed.

Please Remember!

Take this time to slow down, focus on yourself, and rest. Self care and inner work are perfect for Autumn. Grab some of the crystals above, journal about the things you need to dig your claws into, and have a little nap - your spring blossom is coming and it’s going to be epic.