The Best Crystals for the Chakras

What are Chakras?

Based on ancient practises, chakras are not physical points on the body. They are not a place you see. They are energetic centers located down the center of your body from around your tailbone and up to the top of your head.

The term chakra is a Sanskrit word, meaning wheel. Each chakra, or energy center, is formed as a spiral. This energy works in a circular pattern or each chakra, loosely representing  the modern visual of a wheel.

There are 7 chakras in the body, and all of them are connected - although not always in beneficial or healthy ways. When they're working properly, they create a sense of wellness in our lives and keep us connected to the universe. But when they're not working right, it can be as simple as feeling tired all the time or more complicated like struggling with anxiety or depression. The chakras rule your emotional health as well as your physical – this is why you often feel bigger emotions in your physical body. 

The chakras are labeled in ascending order and each are associated with a color and intention.

Healing your Chakras

The goal when working with your chakras is to create balance and alignment. When all of your energetic centers are healthy, well-expressed, and aligned, energy can flow freely throughout your body. You can use many different practices to aid in energetic alignment – things like yoga, hypnosis, and meditation. For direct chakra balance and healing, go to energy practitioners like Reiki healers, Biofield Tuning practitioners, and crystal healers. 

I practice Biofield Tuning and Crystal Healing here at The AF. Crystal Healing has proven to be an incredible addition to energy work of all kinds. This is because crystals have their own specific vibrations and energies that pair up with ours to balance and mesh together with incredible results. They are a tangible touchstone to Mother Earth and can be key in energetic alignment.

Here is a Chakra 101 guide, including their meanings, locations, and the best crystals to grab when you want to break through any stagnant, stubborn energy blocks and move toward healing.

The 7 Chakras: Meanings and the Best Crystals to Use

Root (Muladhara)

The first chakra
Color: Red
Element: Earth
Location: Base of the tailbone

This chakra is associated with survival, security, and comfort. It is about physicality and abundance. It is also about groundedness, passion, and connection.  


An unbalanced Root Chakra looks like: When the root chakra isn't balanced, some common symptoms include feeling out of control or unsafe; having trouble getting out of bed in the morning; having little energy throughout the day; having no appetite or eating too much; feeling stuck when trying something new; or being unable to trust anyone (including yourself). 

A balanced Root Chakra looks like:  When it's in balance, you feel grounded and safe. You're able to take care of yourself in every aspect of life—emotionally and physically—and are confident enough to let others support you when necessary.


Crystals to heal the Root Chakra


Also called “the Healers Crystal”, Charoite is perfect for energetic balance. Use Charoite when you are looking for transformation, inner strength, and self-esteem. 


Carnelian is one of the most recommended crystals when working with the Root Chakra. This is because Carnelian is associated with passion and energy. Use this stone when reaching deep for personal empowerment and courage on your healing journey. 

Rainbow Obsidian

Use this beauty of a stone when you need a deep connection to your inner psyche. Rainbow Obsidian can help with healing deep wounds and emotional trauma, most of which are energetically stored in your lower back and hips – right near your Root chakra.


Sacral (Svadhisthana)

The second chakra
Color: Orange
Element: Water
Location: Lower abdomen 

The sacral chakra is associated with creativity, sexuality, and emotion.  This chakra is connected to all your sexual organs: ovaries and testicles for women, ovaries, and prostate gland for men. The sacral chakra also governs what you create from your emotional energy.


An unbalanced Sacral Chakra looks like: When the Sacral Chakra isn't balanced, you can feel numb or out of touch. You often physically feel tired or weak, and getting the energy to be motivated is hard to come by. Emotional sensitivity and depression can also be common. 


A balanced Sacral Chakra looks like:  When the Sacral Chakra is balanced, you will find you have the energy to express yourself creatively You will have energy for physical activity, sex, pleasure, and relationships. Communication about your needs and wants in every area will be easy. 


Crystals to heal the Sacral Chakra


Sunstone is used for personal power, confidence, and leadership. It breaks through thoughts of self-doubt and fear, welcoming acceptance for your big creative ideas.

Tiger’s Eye

Self-confidence in a stone, Tiger’s Eye is here to pump you up and remind you of the goddess you are. Use it to bring forth the strength to wake up and take on your day in a confident and optimistic way.


Citrine is used to attract wealth and abundance. Bring out the Citrine to balance your Sacral and attract joy, activate creativity, and bring warmth.



Solar Plexus (Manipura)

The third chakra
Color: Yellow
Element: Fire
Location: Above the navel

The Solar Plexus chakra deals with feelings of self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence. This is where your life force, your strength, your ego, and your inner power come from. 

An unbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra looks like: When this chakra is blocked, you might feel like you're inferior to others—if you've ever felt like no one understands or wants to hear what you have to say, then it's likely that this chakra is closed or blocked in some way. Low self-esteem and control issues can spring up. 

A balanced Solar Plexus Chakra looks like:  When this chakra is unblocked, it helps us take action on our dreams by standing up for ourselves and believing in ourselves. An unblocked Third Chakra helps you turn your dreams into reality by giving you the courage to take action. When in alignment, you may have a renewed sense of purpose and confidence.


Crystals to heal the Solar Plexus Chakra


Citrine can open this chakra and provide empowering support in your confidence. It can attract spiritual ease and overall joy, while attracting success and abundance


Pyrite is perfect to bring energy of self-love and confidence, providing a clearing of negativity and replacing it with positive and hopeful energy.


Turquoise brings with it vibrations of vitality, luck, and protection. This is a stone of energetic movement, clearing of stagnant and negative energy, and abundance.


Heart (Anahata)

The fourth chakra
Color: Green / Pink
Element: Air
Location: Center of your breast bone

The Heart Chakra deals with the connection between the lower chakras and higher chakras. It influences your ability to give and receive love of all kinds. This chakra has a lot to do with how we feel about ourselves, often associated with being nurtured and loved. 

An unbalanced Heart Chakra looks like: When the Heart Chakra is unbalanced, it can result in overall emotional distress, lack of compassion, and lack of empathy. Trust issues can also come up with this chakra is blocked. 

A balanced Heart Chakra looks like:  When this chakra is open, you'll feel loved by other people and able to love them back freely—you won't be afraid to express feelings or show affection! You will feel compassionate and taken care of. Any challenges in your relationships will feel easily resolved and mutually beneficial.


Crystals to heal the Heart Chakra

Angel Aura

This is a crystal that represents love and light in all areas of your life. It highlights and brings forth a true connection to others and the world around you.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the supreme love crystal. It is associated with self-love primarily but also brings in soothing and caring vibrations with those around you. It is also great for calm, emotional healing, deep friendships, and compassion.


Perfect for bringing compassion, Rhodonite promotes emotional balance and healing. It is grounding, clarifying, and supportive for relationships of all kinds


Throat (Vishuddha)

The fifth chakra
Color: Blue
Element: Sound
Location: the hollow area on your throat.

The Throat Chakra deals with clear and truthful communication. It is associated with creativity, and it represents our ability to be self-expressive. The throat chakra is also a gateway to higher consciousness, which makes it an important part of your spiritual journey.

An unbalanced Throat Chakra looks like: When the root chakra isn't balanced, you can feel silenced or without the ability to clearly say what you mean. You can be afraid of speaking your truth, leading to feelings of shame or embarrassment. An unbalance can also look like the tendency to miscommunicate and assume things that others may not mean. 

A balanced Throat Chakra looks like:  When this chakra is balanced, you can speak up when someone needs help or attention while also being comfortable in silence when necessary. You are confident in your expression, and can clearly communicate through differences of opinion. Conversation comes easy, and you feel empowered to speak up in tough situations, whether that is for yourself or on behalf of others. 


Crystals to heal the Throat Chakra


Chrysocolla, also called the Teaching Stone, stimulates both the heart and throat chakras. This allows you to be both clear, concise, and gentle in your communication when working with it. It creates crystal-clear communication.

Blue Chalcedony

This crystal cultivates a sense of harmony and balance between your heart and your voice. Blue Chalcedony inspires generosity and brings out the vibration of kindness and compassion.


Sodalite is the crystal I most associate with great communication. It provides clear rational thinking and effective communication. It helps you be able to verbalize and communicate your emotional needs and thoughts. Deep intuitive hits and balanced emotions are common with the use of Sodalite.


Third Eye (Ajna)

The sixth chakra
Color: Indigo
Element: Light
Location: The middle of your forehead.

The Third Eye Chakra deals with connection to your intuition. It is associated with intuition, psychic perception, and imagination. The third eye also relates to the pituitary gland, pineal gland, and hypothalamus (the area of the brain responsible for controlling hormone production). It helps to see the big picture of your life and keeps track of information that we may not be able to see on the surface. 

An unbalanced Third Eye Chakra looks like:  When the Third Eye Chakra is unbalanced, things like memory issues, anxiety, and brain fog can be common. Feeling paranoid, inability to focus, closed-mindedness and an overall “stuck” feeling are prominent. 

A balanced Third Eye Chakra looks like:  When it's in balance, you feel clear and thoughtful. Ideas and visions come easily, and you have big ideas and can outline the path to pull them into realization. Your connection to your intuition is strong and you are mindful in your thoughts and responses to others. 


Crystals to heal the Third Eye Chakra


Fluorite is used for clarity of mind and spirit. It helps with balance, both energetically and physically. It can also detoxify and neutralize negativity and stress.


Azurite aids us in the pursuit of our heavenly self. It is a pure psychic stone, aligning perfectly with your higher self and activating your spiritual and psychic gifts.

Rainbow Moonstone

This crystal strengthens your intuitive and psychic gifts, clarifying your perception of higher powers and other energies. It is a sacred protector that shields negativity and harmful energies.


Crown (Sahasrara)

The seventh chakra
Color: Violet/Gold
Element: Divine Consciousness
Location: the top of your head.

The Crown Chakra is associated with spiritual awareness and connection with the divine. The crown chakra represents your ego, so opening it up means you’re moving away from ego-based thinking. It is your connection to higher consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. 

An unbalanced Crown Chakra looks like: When the Crown chakra isn't balanced, we feel disconnected from the world, each other, and nature and sometimes even question our purpose in life.

A balanced Crown Chakra looks like:  When it's in balance, you can feel and see life with complete clarity. You will have strong intuitive insight. Emotional balance will come easy to you, and you will have consistent self-awareness.


Crystals to heal the Crown Chakra


Stilbite is a crystal that helps you find your true self, strip away all of the walls and layers you may have put up, and showcase your inner shine. It is a stone that gently holds you through deep soul-searching and guides internal conversations with your higher self.


Labradorite can help you connect to your own inner strength, clear the vibrations of tension, and foster creativity and higher consciousness. This crystal can create an auric shield of protection and keep intruding energetic influences at bay.


This is the best crystal when it comes to clearing energetic blockages and stagnancy. Selenite is powerful for concentration and understanding and improves awareness and intuition. It clears and then protects you, all while producing a high vibrational energy that calms and balances.