What To Do When Your Crystals Break

One thing I get asked often is “I broke my crystal..now what?!”

The assumptions go anywhere from “Do I just toss it in the garbage?” to “OMG am I doomed?!!!” 

My take? Don’t throw them away, and you are definitely not doomed.

When your crystal breaks, it can be hard on the heart. Crystals are powerful healing tools that are known for absorbing energy and emitting positive vibrations.

Broken crystals are a common occurrence, and it can be frustrating when they break. But, as with any accident or setback in life, there’s an opportunity to learn from it and become stronger. I’ve been collecting crystals for years and have had many breakages along the way. Some of these stones were old friends that I had grown attached to over time; others were just new additions to my collection. 

When they broke, the first thing I did was clear my space for safety - making sure that any sharp or dangerous pieces are out of the way. Depending on the stone (and what you plan on using it for), I recommend cleaning up the edges of your stone and making sure that they are smooth so that they won't cut anyone who touches them (or yourself). Once this is done, you will be able to see how much damage was done by the breakage. Next, I would examine why the break occurred in the first place.


Why Do Crystals Break?

I would assess the breakage. Did I feel energetically  like there was any deeper meaning to the crystal breaking? Sometimes, a crystal’s energetic journey with you is complete. Simple as that, it is done. Other times, the energy around is simply too strong for that particular stone. Other times – you just drop it the wrong way!


Drops, Bangs, And Bumps

Sometimes, that Selenite piece is no match for the tile floor you dropped it on. Or, you place a stone a little too hard down onto your altar. It is easier than you think to physically break, chip, or damage your crystals. Things happen, so try not to be hard on yourself the next time you brush past one and it happens to fall off the shelf.


Big temperature shifts are generally not the best for crystals. Some are more sensitive to hot or cold than others, but avoiding big temperature changes for your collection is definitely a good thing. When exposed to extreme heat or cold, some crystals will crack or shatter.

Natural Flaws

Crystals are natural specimens from the Earth and are rarely perfect. Some stones will come to you with cracks or chips already present. They may have loose bits or pieces that are thinly attached. Inspect your crystals when you get them so that you know where may be the safest place to store or display them. When you know if they have potential weaknesses, you can make sure you treat them with a little extra care when using them.

Energetic Breaks

Sometimes, a crystal might just be energetically done. You may have used them in ways that they were not energetically made or prepared for, and they broke in turn. More likely, you may have reached the end of the need for this stone. Its job is done and complete, and it is showing you that. This can be bittersweet, especially if you have been working with it for a long time or if you like the way it looks or feels in the space you are using it. Honor it and the healing it may have provided, and move forward.



5 Things You Can Do When Your Crystal Breaks

Return Them To Nature

Returning crystals back to the Earth is one of the best ways to make sure that they are continuing to be utilized energetically (as well as not filling up landfills if you put them in the garbage). If you live near water and you feel connected to it, you can toss your broken crystal while saying an intentional thank you for the work it has done with you. 

If you feel more connected to Earth and the ground, you can find a place where you can safely bury it or leave it. Places like wooded areas, mountains, or fields can be good places to bury your broken crystals. 

Don’t have any natural places nearby that you want to return the crystal to? Or, is it still something you want to keep close despite its brokenness? You can bury or place it in your garden or backyard. This can add some vibrational energy to your own natural space (and it can serve as decor as well!). Win win.


Fix Them With Glue

Glue can be your friend.

If you feel like the crystal can be fixed simply with some glue, and you feel like it isn’t an energetically negative move, you can simply glue it back together. 

The first thing to do is make sure that the glue you're using is safe for whatever material your crystal is made out of. Once you've checked this off your list, make sure the glue will actually hold it together—if it doesn't, then it's time to move on to super glue!

Putting your broken crystal back together is a chance to forge a new connection with it.


Put Them In Houseplants

Along the lines of keeping broken crystals in your garden, placing them in houseplants is a way of returning them to the Earth. It also serves as a way to decorate your home or spaces, and keep them close by– even if you can’t use them the way you did when they were whole.


Place Them Around The House

Depending on the size and shape of the broken crystal, you may be able to use them as entirely separate crystals. You can place them in different places in your home to direct energy or vibrations there. Look up the best places to put the crystal depending on the intentions you have for your space. You may find more use with the pieces for different spaces than you would have before! In fact, some people find that a broken crystal has more power than a whole one.


Gift Them

My favorite use for broken crystals – gift them to someone! It may be done its journey with you, but the pieces you give can create entirely new journeys with the people you give them to. Gifting them means that you are giving them new life and new purpose. Plus, who doesn’t like crystal gifts?



When you have a crystal that has broken, it's up to you to decide what you want to do with the pieces. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you thank the crystal for its energy and for the journey it has taken with you. Thank you for its presence, and create energetic closure and gratitude moving forward. Broken crystals are not bad luck, and although it can be upsetting, know that you can help them continue on the vibrational journey their meant to be on.