What Do The Different Aura Colors Mean?

Auras have been up in the news for years. Those pretty polaroid-like pictures that you see on social with mixes of rainbow hues surrounding the people in them. Sure, they are interesting to look at.. But what are you actually looking at?


What Is An Aura?

Auras are the energy fields of living (and non-living) beings. They surround each and every one of us and, depending on their color, can say a lot about you and your energetic state. There are 7 layers of the aura, and each correlates to a different part of your overall health – spiritual, mental, physical or otherwise. These layers work together and create your unique energetic blueprint. These layers are also called The Auric Field – you may recognize that as my shops namesake! 


The colors of your auras can tell you a lot about yourself. Even if you don't know anything about chakras or aura colors, it can be apparent when you tune into your interactions with others and yourself. Feeling confident and energetic in leadership roles – and then learning you have a fair bit of red in your aura will make a lot of sense once you make that connection.

Interested in what your aura color may be? Take this quick aura color quiz here and then come back to check out the color meanings. 

There are many different aura colors and combinations out there, and each can work together or against one another depending on your own specific energetic profile.

Here is a quick guide on 10 different aura colors and what they mean.


What Do The Different Aura Colors Mean?

Red Aura

The color red means you are passionate and passionate about your work. You are the type of person that has a hard time sitting still, you thrive on being in constant motion. You can be very energetic and dynamic when you are working towards a goal. When you get excited by something, it’s hard for others to keep up with you!


Red Aura can also mean that you have leadership qualities and are ready to take charge if needed. People follow your lead because they know that there is no other way but success under your guidance.

Red Aura could also signify being a social butterfly (which is not always bad). If this is true for those around them, then red aura people will find themselves surrounded by friends all day long because their energy just attracts people like moths to light bulbs! This may seem like an ideal situation; however, when their mood becomes low or things don’t go as planned it could cause some problems later down the road since they tend not want any sort of confrontation until they become comfortable enough around someone else first before speaking up about how something needs improvement within their relationship or situation at hand

If you have a red aura, it means that you are passionate and energetic. It also means that you enjoy being around other people. You like to be in the center of things and can’t stand being alone for too long. A red aura is meant to inspire creativity, passion, and warmth in those around it.


Green Aura

A green aura indicates that you are in a state of balance and harmony. You're likely to have a calm disposition and can be relied upon to remain level-headed in times of stress. Green also represents prosperity, abundance and growth. If someone with a green aura is wearing gold jewelry, they may be attracting wealth into their life. If someone has a green aura but appears stressed out or unhappy, it's likely because they're feeling stuck in their career or life path.


You might have a green aura if:


-You often feel very peaceful and content with your present situation (even if it's not perfect.)

-You enjoy being around nature because it gives you comfort and peace of mind

-People find themselves attracted to your calm demeanor

If you have a green aura, it means that your main focus is on healing yourself or others through your powers of imagination and healing abilities (such as clairvoyance). Those with a green aura are often healers who are drawn to helping others with their gifts of intuition and insight into other people’s lives so they can make better choices about their own life path going forward from this point onward into eternity!


Yellow Aura

Yellow aura is the color of the sun, so it's no surprise that yellow auras are associated with happiness, joy and optimism. A yellow aura often indicates that you're a creative person who brings a lot of sunshine into your life and to those around you. You tend to be cheerful and optimistic and have a positive outlook on life. You enjoy learning new things and are generally curious about the world around you. Yellow-hued people tend to be very creative types who can often find inspiration in unexpected places, such as someone else's attitude or appearance rather than something as simple as an object like a book or piece of furniture!


If your aura is predominantly yellow then this shows that wisdom comes naturally to you because it means there's nothing stopping you from being successful with whatever goals or dreams may come into mind (as long as they're not too lofty). Your colorful personality might even make others feel less shy around them because they know they'll always get honest answers when talking with someone wearing this shade next time he/she visits their home!


Orange Aura

Orange is a warm color that represents happiness, creativity and positivity. People with orange auras are viewed as being friendly and outgoing. These individuals are more likely to be extroverts who enjoy spending time with others rather than being alone. Orange-colored people may also feel comfortable in social situations; however, they can also be somewhat sensitive or emotional.

As an energetic color, orange signifies determination and willpower as well as confidence and optimism. This aura may indicate that you have good leadership skills or the ability to motivate others toward goals that benefit both parties involved.

The energy behind the orange aura can also be incredibly energetic and very go-go-go. Because of this, burnout can be common. Rushing and impatience can happen, and orange auraed individuals need to be careful and slow down every once in awhile.


Purple Aura

Purple is the color of spirituality, imagination and creativity. It's also a combination of red and blue, which are colors that represent passion and freedom. Purple is associated with the crown chakra (the highest point on your head), which helps you tap into your intuition, wisdom and spiritual guidance.

People with purple auras are incedibly connected and dialed in to their intuition. They are aligned with their emotions, and have little reserve when it comes to expressing them.

This aura color also brings a tendency to over identify with others emotions often. Purple auras have to be careful with taking on the emotions of friends, family, and those around them. Emotional balance and boundaries are key when it comes to having lots of purple in your auric field.


Blue Aura

Blue is the color of balance, in both the physical and emotional sense.


It's a calming color, so it can be used to help you relax when you're feeling anxious or overworked.


It also encourages you to think carefully before acting—and that's not just good advice for your personal life! When it comes to work or school projects, being able to take the time needed for careful planning will make all the difference in getting things done on time, with no mistakes left behind.


Blue is also associated with the throat chakra. This chakra is associated with communication; blue helps promote clear communication both verbally and non-verbally through body languages such as eye contact and facial expressions. Self-expression and a talent for being able to clearly communicate comes easy to the blue aura, so you can expect great conversation and honesty from them.


Indigo Aura

Indigo aura is a sign of deep spirituality and wisdom. The Indigo aura is associated with the third eye chakra, which means that Indigo people are deeply connected to their intuition, and they tend to be more sensitive than other people. Indigo people are often drawn to nature, art and music because these things help them calm their minds.

Indigo Aura tends to reflect in the eyes as an intense indigo color that can range from dark blue-violet to light purple-blue depending on how much energy you have been using your third eye chakra for meditation or other spiritual activities.

This color aura also is present in people who have great knowledge and deep wisdom. There is confidence and insight within this energy, so people who have indigo know when to trust their gut.


Black Aura

The most negative aura color is black. As you might expect, this color is associated with negativity and apathy. Often, a dark aura indicates depression or other serious mental issues that require professional help.

I want to stress that having a black aura is different than having a dark one. You can have dark or murky hues of the other colors as well, and while they may appear black, they are simply just darker versions of other colors. Energy can get murky sometimes.

When you see a person with a black cloud around them it means there are heavy things weighing down on them in their life – eneryone is working through things the best way possible.


Pink Aura

If your aura has a pink color, you are likely a very spiritual and creative person. This can make it hard for others to understand you but that is because they don’t know how to see the world through your eyes. Pink aura people are often healers and caretakers of others, as well as lovers of art and music. A healthy pink aura person will be able to balance their spirituality with their artistic nature so that they don’t get too wrapped up in themselves or their own desires.


If you have this color in your aura, it means that you need balance between creativity and spirituality so that you can focus on what matters most: helping others find peace within themselves.


White Aura

A white aura is the most common, and it's associated with purity, innocence, light and goodness. White auras are associated with the crown chakra. They are known to connect to the spirit world and can symbolize a pure soul.

If you know someone with a white aura and have coffee or dinner with them, don't be surprised if they tell you about their past life experiences or offer some other form of guidance that could help you learn something new about yourself in this lifetime.




That's a lot of colors, but they all have meaning. If you find yourself wondering what your aura color means or if someone else's aura colors are giving you trouble, this article can help. 

Learning about your energy, aura colors, and those of others can be interesting and enlightening. The best way to get an idea about the type of aura colors that might represent certain emotions is through personal experience and observation. You can also book aura readings, reiki, or energetic crystal healing to tune into your chakras, auric fields, and your overall vibrational health.

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