The Best Valentines' Day Gifts for the Zodiac Signs

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, you may be wondering what to get your bestie or significant other.

Gift-giving can be nerve-wracking at the best of times.. Add on THE holiday for LOVE – well you gotta hit the nail on the head with this one. 

Luckily, someone’s zodiac sign can say a lot about them and the things that they tend to value and cherish. Pair that knowledge with your intimate friendship.. Well now you have a recipe for success!

Crystals are a popular choice for Valentines Day gifts, and for good reason. They’re aesthetically pleasing and give out great energy, a potent combination that lends itself perfectly to the occasion.

I've curated a list of unique crystal gifts for each zodiac sign that will leave them feeling like they're the only one in the world. Check out this list and see if you can find one that is perfect for your special someone.


Valentines’ Gifts For Aries

Aries are known for their spontaneity, and they love being the center of attention. They are fearless, bright, and full of energy. Grab some Citrine for your Aries person and watch them shine.

Congo Citrine

Other gift ideas for Aries

  • something personalized
  • a gift with a challenge involved (like a game or activity)
  • candles– fire for a fiery soul!



Valentines’ Gifts For Taurus

Taurus is ruled by Venus, so they love the comfy, cozy luxury of home. Help them bring some balance (and a nice visual addition) to their home with pieces of Kyanite for them to display. I give an honorable mention to Opal here as well, as it works fantastic with Taurean stability and peace.

Blue Kyanite

Other gift ideas for Taurus:

  • something expensive that they have always wanted but never splurged on
  • a luxe getaway
  • dinner reservations at their fave restaurant



Valentines’ Gifts For Gemini

Gemini is the sign of the twins, so anything you gift to the Gemini in your life should reflect the multidimensional nature of this air sign. They’re stellar conversationalists, but have a tendency towards negativity and harsh self-talk. Labradorite is a perfect gemstone gift for Gemini because it helps with self judgment and negativity, allowing positive thoughts to come through. 


Other gift ideas for Gemini:

  • books or a new Kindle
  • journals
  • a cooking class, or basically anything that requires learning something new


Valentines Gifts For Cancer

Normally, Cancer is the one fawning over YOU, the nurturing water sign that they are. They love getting gifts that show you care and are not overly materialistic – they will be happy that you showed you cared. Grab a piece of Moonstone for the Cancer in your life. It may seem cliche, but the nurturing, deeply connected vibrations of Moonstone make Cancer feel right at home.

 Rainbow Moonstone

Other gift ideas for Cancer

  • flowers
  • jewelry
  • a cozy night in with your fave movie


Valentines Gifts For Leo

This sign is known for being creative and passionate, so it's no surprise that a gift from the heart will mean more than any other present on Valentine's Day. They also love to be pampered and made the center of attention, so make sure the spotlight rests properly on them (at least for a little while!) Your crystal go-to for your Leo person is Pyrite. Pyrite, aka Fools Gold, is a punch of luck, happiness, and strength wrapped up in a shiny gold package.


Other gift ideas for Leo

  • art supplies
  • gold jewelry
  • bold sunglasses


Valentines' Gifts For Virgo

Virgo is your neurotic big sis, always prepared and always on time. They are your ever-reliable BFF, there to keep you grounded and in place when you need it most. So, when finding a gift for this rock-solid human, the Apophyllite crystal may be a key gift. Apophyllite can soften some of the hard edges of Virgo, bringing in healing and new spiritual connections.

 Pink Druzy Apophyllite


Other gift ideas for Virgos:

  • stationary and office supplies (seriously)
  • gift cards
  • books thoughtfully picked out for them


Valentines Gifts For Libra

Libra likes balance and harmony. They love loving, so making sure that they are the ones being taken care of this valentines day would be extremely valuable to them. Turn the tables back on them and thank them for always being there and loving you in the ways you need. Crystal-wise, Lepidolite is an excellent choice because it calms and quiets the mind. It can settle scattered energy and help Libra tune into themselves. 




Other gift ideas for Libra:

  • roses (because traditional!)
  • soft, luxe pajamas
  • good chocolate


Valentines’ Gifts For Scorpio

Scorpios are known for their passion and intensity. They are also known to be very loyal, strong-willed, and determined. love deeply and sincerely which makes them great partners who will always do anything necessary to make sure that their partner is happy. If you have a Scorpio in your life, giving your best to them within your friendship will be the ultimate gift to them! 

If you are crystal shopping for the Scorpio on your list, I suggest Malachite. This green stone is called the stone of transformation and will help with personal protection and healing those deep emotions they often have. 


Other gift ideas for Scorpio:

  • a leather purse or wallet
  • puzzles
  • a great outfit


Valentines’ Gifts For Sagittarius

Sagitarrius love being the boss, so giving gifts that are empowering and that pump them up are going to be key this Valentines Day. Sag are booked and busy, and they have fiery loyal energy for their friends, family, and partners. For Valentines Day, give your Sagittarius person some crystal love with Lapis Lazuli. This beauty of a stone inspires wisdom, strength, and courage straight to the heart. It can also be a protective stone, perfect for them to keep close when they inevitably follow their hearts to new destinations. 


 Lapis Lazuli in Matrix

Other gift ideas for Sagittarius

  • a trip! (small or big)
  • a massage


Valentines' Gifts For Capricorn

Capricorn can be a bit tough to buy for, as they are so resourceful and often prefer getting things for themselves. They are practical, so “fluffy” gifts don’t always land for these signs. Grab them something useful that they have wanted for a while. If you are looking for the perfect crystal for your Capricorn, Rose Quartz is perfect. Not always the first crystal to come to mind for Cap, Rose Quartz is soothing and adds some necessary self-love to stiff Cap energy. This pink stone injects trusting vibrations and unconditional love around them.

Rose Quartz Charging Plate

Other gift ideas for Capricorn

  • well-made, sturdy brands of clothing or bags
  • a nice watch
  • a planner


Valentines’ Gifts For Aquarius

Aquarius people are very independent and unique. They're also very intellectual, loving to learn new things and bring out new and innovative ideas. Aquarius also tend to love people and groups, social events, and places where people gather.  Social, brilliant, and super fun to be around - having Aquarius people in your life is an incredible gift in itself! This Valentines Day, grab your Aqua sweetie some crystal goodness with Spirit Quartz. This stone is super high vibe, bringing alignment and pure spiritual evolution (very Aqua!).  

 Amethyst Spirit Quartz

Other gift ideas for Aquarius

  • non-fiction books
  • art supplies
  • the newest tech gadget


Valentines’ Gifts For Pisces

Emotionally aware, sensitive, and selfless, Pisces are the true lovers of the Zodiac. They love being pampered and cherish the moments when they are taken care of instead of them taking care of others. Make them feel loved, and you have a connection for life. If you are looking for a crystal gift for your Pisces partner, grab some Bloodstone. I know it sounds a bit extreme, but Bloodstone brings up creativity, courage, and motivation. This is energy that is often latent in Pisces, so Bloodstone can be a perfect stone to light up the beautiful, confident parts inside of them. 



Other gift ideas for Pisces

  • music or instruments
  • cozy video games
  • journals



Valentines’ Day holds such beautiful energy to show love to yourself, your people, and your world. Gifts aren’t everything, but being able to show your love in tangible ways can be incredibly impactful and moving. It doesn’t need to be big, showy, and expensive - just thoughtful and aligned. 


Grab some energetically potent crystals for your valentines this February, and show your love! Grab these (and more) at The AF shop now, and let me know what you choose.