Aquarius Season 2023 & The Best Crystals To Use

It is the first zodiac shift of the year, and it feels goooood. 

We are shifting from ultra-prepared and rational Capricorn into audacious Aquarius this week, on January 20th, 2023.  The shift brings more freedom, more independence, and more big ideas.  Aquarius season will end and move into Pisces on February 20, 2023. 

Aquarius season is a time of excitement, innovation, and progress. The air sign Aquarius brings the gift of a fresh perspective on the world and ourselves. They're one of the most original signs in astrology and they love being different from everyone else.

If you spent the beginning of the year planning your goals and building solid frameworks for your day-to-day, now is when everything is going to get set into motion.


The Water-Bearer

The Water-Bearer is an air sign and a fixed sign. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet associated with technology, innovation, and unexpected events.

Uranus is the reason why this season will be so different from all other seasons of your life: you'll have to let go of your old ideas about how things should be done so that you can start doing them in new ways that are better suited to your needs. Some people may be resistant to change—but if they were truly happy with their lives before this season began, then it's probably because they stopped evolving themselves long ago! If someone else tries to make you feel guilty for "abandoning" them or holding onto outdated beliefs about how things work best in certain situations (and if those people aren't progressing themselves), then maybe it's time for some new friendships…


Aquarian Traits

Aquarians are known for their big personalities and even bigger ideas. Great communicators and connectors, they also love a good conversation with other bright minds. Some other Aquarian traits include:

  • Independent
  • Intelligent
  • Clever
  • Optimistic
  • Self-reliant
  • Free spirited

The air sign Aquarius brings with it a time of excitement and innovation.

The air element is associated with the mind, intellect and communication. You can see this reflected in the way that Aquarians are always on the lookout for new ideas, information or ways of doing things. They love to share their knowledge with others and often contribute to conversations just because they want to add something helpful or interesting to whatever topic is being discussed at the moment.

It’s not only our surroundings that benefit from this energy — we ourselves also feel invigorated when we spend time around people who think differently from us!


Things You Can Look Forward To During Aquarius Season 2023

Breaking Old Patterns

Aquarius is all about shedding the old and jumping right into the new. This is the time when you can look clearly at your past habits and patterns and recognize what was not serving you and release them. Then, make a plan on how to move forward with new patterns and habits that will support the life you want to live.

Creating Community And Nurturing Friendships

Aquarius rules the 11th house of the zodiac– the house of community, groups, teams, and friendships. This makes it the perfect time to reach out and create intentional connection with your friends. Make that time to have coffee and get together, instead of always talking about it but never actually doing it. 


This can also be a great time to join a local club or community that you have been looking into but haven’t made the jump to. Having people around that support and enjoy the same things as you do can be incredibly fulfilling and may lead to some lifetime friendships that you may not have created otherwise.

Thinking Outside Of The Box And Seeing New Perspectives

Modern problems require modern solutions, right? Aquarius is dialed into thinking outside the box. They are always reaching to the far corners of possibility and coming up with new and exciting ways to handle problems or puzzles. If you are having difficulty with a job task, a creative pursuit, or family issues, now is the time to tap into that Aquarian problem solver and find a new way to look at things, and potentially a new solution.

The Best Crystals To Use During Aquarius Season

Of course, what would any change in the zodiac be without some crystal besties to come along? Aquarius loves the unique and the interesting, and the crystals we have for this season don’t disappoint. The best crystals for Aquarius are those that tap into the mind, into freedom, and into higher consciousness.


Larimar is the crystal of clear communication and harnessing your truth. It is a calming stone, providing a cool wave of anxiety relief and grounding. This stone works perfectly for Aquarius season because of its connection to higher energies, and its inherent connection to free thinking and true knowledge.


Use Onyx for willpower and focus this Aquarius season. This crystal is a bringer of good fortune and a forcefield of protective energy. This will serve you well to keep you grounded and protected as you dream big and have bold conversations.


A crystal of many uses, Amethyst is often the stone everyone thinks of when they think crystals. Amethyst works well with Aquarius season because of its connection to higher consciousness and spiritual growth. Intution is heightened when using Amethyst, so connecting and communicating with the spirit world is accessible and encouraged in this season


Angelite wants you to speak your truth. How Aquarian, right? This crystal helps with raising conscious awareness and providing protection for your body and environment. Use Angelite when you are journaling or doing deep shadow work this Aquarius season, as it will connect you spiritually while also providing a powerful base to speak your truth from.



Aquarius season is a time of revolution and rebirth. It is a time when we can break free from the bonds of our past and become something new. The air sign Aquarius brings us a time of excitement and innovation, but also one of great risk if we don't use our intuition wisely!