The Complete Zodiac Gift Guide - The Best Gifts for Each Sign

It’s the holiday season and it is time to finish up Christmas shopping..

You have started shopping.. Right? 

Kidding, I haven’t finished (started..)either!

Buying gifts for your loved ones can be tough. It can be hard to remember a million different people's favorite things. Nevermind finding the perfect thing to let them know that you love and cherish them. 

BUT — I have a hack. If you know their zodiac sign, you can get a snapshot of some things that you may not have thought of before. You may also find things that may actually suit them a lot more than you thought. 

If you don't know their sign then choosing the perfect gift can be tricky. I mean...what does every Sagittarius really want for Christmas?
Fortunately for you, we've done all of the work for you. Here are my suggestions for gifts that any zodiac sign would love.


Gifts for Aries

The Ram
Dates: March 21- April 19
Element: Fire
Modality: Cardinal

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is a fire sign full of initiatory gusto. They begin both the spring (in the northern hemisphere) and the zodiac itself. Aries are known to be passionate, loving, and great confidantes. Additionally, they can pair that with some pushiness, a bit of a temper, and a sharp tongue. All is well though, our Aries fam and friends will always be the ones to cheer us on, motivate the F out of us, and let us know how loved we are.

Here are some great crystal gifts for the Aries in your life.




Red, bold, and courageous. Perfect for your fave Aries.


Something calming and compassionate, ready to balance the Aries fire.


Bountiful Crystal Grid Kit

Bountiful Crystal Grid Kit

If you know someone that needs a cosmic nudge, this grid is for you! It’s designed to imbue empowerment and clarity in whichever direction you desire, from your career to your relationships.



Gifts for Taurus

The Bull
Dates: April 20 - May 20
Element: Earth
Modality: Fixed

Taurus is a fixed earth sign, so they are stable and reliable. They love the physical world: food, fashion, and beauty. They have a strong sense of self. They are very loyal to those who earn their trust and are determined to achieve their goals. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and this Venusian influence creates a love for luxury, stability, and sensuality.

Beeswax Candle

Beeswax Taper Candle

Perfect for creating chill vibes in the home. Clean burning and sustainable, grab this candle from Mo&Co Home for your Taurus bff.


Deep green and beautiful, Emerald is both the Taurus birthstone and the crystal of the signs rule, Venus.



Taurus isn’t always nice things and good food — there is a shadow side this Bull. Rhodonite helps with the stubborn and materialistic tendencies of Taurus.


Gifts for Gemini

The Twins
Dates: May 21 - June 21
Element: Air
Modality: Mutable

Gemini is a dual sign ruled by Mercury. It is the first air sign of the zodiac. Geminis are extremely curious, energetic, and active people who love to learn new things. They can be talkative, witty, and charming individuals due to their mutable quality.

Rainbow Spectrum Kit

Rainbow Spectrum Crystal Kit

This Auric Fields Rainbow Spectrum Activation kit helps stimulate your chakras through crystalline vibrations. Grab this kit for Gemini, to balance all of that mercurial energy coursing through them.

Sacred Symbols Oracle Deck

Sacred Symbols Oracle Deck

Our best-selling deck from Marcella Kroll! An oracle deck is perfect for Gemini, honing in on the love for communication and messages.


Congo Citrine

Citrine is bright, positive, and lucky stone. This crystal helps with an optimistic outlook, as well as aiding in attracting abundance.


Gifts for Cancer

The Crab
Dates: June 22 - July 22
Element: Water
Modality: Cardinal

Cancer is ruled by the moon, which makes them incredibly emotional. Cancer people are also very sensitive and intuitive. They can easily pick up on other people’s emotions, making them great at empathy. Cancers are very loyal, giving back to others in the form of time or money when they can. On the downside, they can be moody at times and get upset easily if they feel like they aren’t being appreciated enough by those around them.



Rainbow Moonstone

What else would be perfect for the moody Cancer in your life? Cancer is ruled by the moon, and Moonstone is the perfect companion to support their lunar tendencies. 


Gifts for Leo

The Lion
Dates: July 23 - August 22
Element: Fire
Modality: Fixed

Leo’s are outgoing and charismatic, so it can be hard for them sometimes to keep themselves grounded or in check. They are leaders, and they inspire everyone around them to be their best selves. Dramatic and charming, Leo is never boring to have in your corner.


Grab Sunstone for a Leo that needs support in leadership. This crystal will keep them fair, generous, and with everyone’s best interests.


Perfect for deep friendships, Garnet is a stone of love and connection. Keep Garnet close when you have a Leo bestie!

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye

One word: confidence! Tiger’s Eye brings the wearer confidence and luck. Give the gift of personal power vibrations to the Leo in your life.


Gifts for Virgo

The Virgin
Dates: August 23 - Sept 22
Element: Earth
Modality: Mutable

Virgo is the sixth astrological sign in the Zodiac. Virgos are known for their perfectionism and neatness. They are hardworking, practical, and logical. If you have a Virgo friend or family member that you'd like to get a special gift for this holiday season, here are some ideas for gifts that they will love!


Wildest Dreams Journal by Adelfi

Wildest Dreams Journal

Grab your fave Virgo one of the quintessential Virgo items - a journal! This one is a perfect bedside companion. Keep this on hand for those middle of the night strokes of genius. You never know what your dreams may reveal..




Fluorite is a stone that helps with cleansing and purity. It is also spiritually detoxifying, clearing vibrational clutter and blockages.


Best Gifts for Libra

The Scales
Dates: September 23 - October 22
Element: Air
Modality: Cardinal


Libra is the balance in the Zodiac. It is a sign that looks for beauty in all things. It also looks for the best in other people, innately knowing and understanding others' needs. Libra love to be involved, and bring their charm and wit into every room they enter.

Mi Amor Crystal Grid Kit

Mi Amor Crystal Grid

This crystal grid was channeled to help you learn to prioritize self-love. It will energetically encourage the self-love vibrations for as long as the grid is activated, or until self-love becomes so ingrained in the cellular DNA that you no longer need the reminder.


Turquoise brings with it vibrations of vitality, luck, and protection. This is a stone of energetic movement, clearing of stagnant and negative energy, and abundance.


Best Gifts for Scorpio

The Scorpion
Dates: October 23 - Nov 21
Element: Water
Modality: Fixed

Deep and moody, Scorpios are known for their introversion. Scorpios, however, make some of the best people to have in your circle. They are ready to keep your secrets, offer incredible insight, and call you on your shit. They are intuitive and magnetic to be around.


Malachite is both a stone of strength and of gentle acceptance and positivity. Courage and healing are promoted with Malachite, and it anchors in emotional stability and strength. Sounds great for that deep Scorpio you know, hey?


Not very well known, Charoite is a beauty of a stone. It helps the wearer to work with deep, unconditional love as well as transformation.


Best Gifts for Sagittarius

The Archer
Dates: November 22- Dec 21
Element: Fire
Modality: Mutable

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac and it’s ruled by Jupiter. A person born under this sign is associated with the element fire, which may explain why Sagittarius is known for being so full of fun and adventure. They like the new, different, or whimsical. Make sure that there are no boring gifts under their tree this year!

Gold Sheen Obsidian

Gold Sheen Obsidian

It aids in the healing and release from rigid power and control. It is also a manifestor and purifier of your auric field as it also contains the generic elements of Obsidian.Your Sag friend will love it because it is strong, but also beautiful and a little different fro your usual Obsidian finds.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is perfect to grab for the Sag you know, as it is the stone of balance and emotional healing. It brings peace and serenity, so it can help the sometimes chaotic mind of the Archer.


Best Gifts for Capricorn

The Mergoat
Dates: December 22 - Jan 20
Element: Earth
Modality: Cardinal

Capricorn is that stubborn, plans have to be perfect all the time, friend. They are also the ones that make sure you have extra water on hot days and that text you to make sure you got home safe after a night out. Capricorns can be stiff, but once they find where they can be comfortable, they are the stable and logical rock that every friend needs. Grab these two stones for your Capricorn fam!


This stone can help with the negative self-talk that Capricorn may have. It aids in transformation as well as brings understanding and self-acceptance. Labradorite is a great support for Capricorn people doing self work.

Black Tourmaline

This crystal is known for its energetic purification, cleansing us of spiritual muck and mud. It is also grounding and protective against EMF and psychic attacks.Practical and protective, perfect for the Cap in your life.


Best Gifts for Aquarius

The Water Bearer
Dates : January 20 - February 18
Element: Air
Modality: Fixed

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and is ruled by Uranus, the planet of revolution and change. Aquarians are often eccentric, and unique and have a strong sense of justice. They’re known for being original thinkers—they live outside the box! Aquarius is a fixed air sign, which means that they tend to be on their own wavelength when it comes to ideas.


Amethyst is the stone of abundance, increased intuition, stress relief, and transmutation of negative energy. Aquarius will gravitate towards this crystal because they need to find something to anchor to. It will increase their intuition while keeping them focused.

Shadow Journey Crystal Kit

The shadow self includes the aspects of self we do not see or do not wish to see. It’s all the parts of ourselves that we leave in the shadow, away from others. If we truly want to become whole, instead of denying or repressing our shadow, we must work with it. This crystal kit was channeled to help explore your shadow self with grace and love, to help you integrate your shadow side and make space for more creativity and authenticity.


Best Gifts for Pisces

The Fish
Dates: February 19 - March 20
Element: Water
Modality: Mutable

Pisces people are sensitive but emotionally aware. They are empathetic and make a great shoulder to cry on when you need it. These are the people in your life that will go to the end of the earth for the ones they love. A gift that helps them with self-care or energetic clearing is perfect for your Piscean pals.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is soothing, healing, and energetically magnetic all in one. It is known as the stone of unconditional love. It is perfect for self-love, calm, emotional healing, deep friendships, and compassion.

The AF Smudge Plate

AF concrete smudge plates constructed exclusively for The Auric Fields by Concrete Geometric. These look perfect on altars, and your Pisces friend will love the aesthetic as well as the function. A beautiful kit to reset and clean their energetic and physical space - perfect!




Hopefully, this list has given you a few ideas for gifts that your fam, friends, or partners will LOVE.  


Giving gifts can be stressful, but when you have a guidepost for others' energetic wants or needs, it can be a bit easier to score a home run on the gift front. 


Happy gifting, friends!!