The 5 Best Crystals for Entrepreneurs

They never said starting a business would be easy. Nor would running it.

When you own your business, the to-do lists, time, and seemingly nonstop worry about all of the things that could go wrong can sometimes be overwhelming. 

It can also be exhilarating and exciting to be at the helm of your own life, goals, and aspirations.

Being an entrepreneur is a rollercoaster, but it is definitely one that is worth it.

There are many supports out there for the business owner, from newbie to long time professional. For the spiritually inclined, you can also find support in your energy and your tools. Crystals are a touchpoint for bringing in success, confidence and prosperity.

Crystals can be a great way to promote success in your business. But which ones are best for you? Here's a list of the best crystals for entrepreneurs and business owners.


The Best 5 Crystals for Business Owners

The right crystals can help you focus, feel confident and grounded, and manifest prosperity. Here are my recommendations for the top crystals for being a boss.



Citrine is known as “the merchant’s stone” because it promotes abundance by attracting wealth and prosperity into your life. This orange-colored crystal helps with manifestation when worn around your neck or placed near your desk at work (or both!) Citrine will attract positive energy into your life so that you may achieve all that you wish for.

When calling in success, Citrine is often the first one thought of. It is a stone of warmth and of brightness, bringing good energy on low vibrational days. It can also provide a boost to your self-esteem.

Some other spiritual properties of Citrine are:
- clarity
- optimism
- abundance
- intention setting
- chakra alignment

Citrine is the workhorse of abundance manifestation. If you can only grab one crystal for your new position as CEO - make it Citrine.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper provides balance and grounding - something that is most definitely needed on the often tumultuous ride that is entrepreneurship. It provides you with the energy and stamina to keep going. Power through the harder days with Red Jasper on your side.

This crystal also provides energetic protection. As a business owner, you come into contact with a lot of people's opinions, judgments, and commentary. These can all be energetic leaks that you may not anticipate as a part of your business, therefore you cannot always be ready for them. Red Jasper will help with energetic protection from these types of draining leaks.

Red Jasper is also incredible for
- Root Chakra healing
- initiation of passion projects
- motivation
- inspiration
- courage
- wisdom

Grab some Red Jasper when you need a kick in the proverbial pants to leap before you look.


The first money-colored stone on our list, Jade is another great addition when creating your CEO crystal support team. Jade is not a first-out-of-the-gate energetic initiator like the others have been thus far, but it is a soothing stone of support, balance, and harmony. Add in the green hue for abundance, and you have a perfect specimen for the entrepreneur.

Longevity is also a key feature of Jade energetics. Perfect for business owners with big long-term goals! Long term good vibrations are bound to come your way when using Jade on a regular basis.

Some other properties of Jade include:
- good luck
- energetic balance in physical spaces (Feng Shui)
- emotional, spiritual, and physical healing
- Heart Chakra healing
- compassion

Jade is a healing balm on your busy heart, ready to bring you a steady flow of good luck and abundance.


This stone is pure balance and grounding. Great for keeping your feet on the ground while you are dreaming big for your business, Hematite wants to help keep you stable and protected.

Hematite is also often used for focus and attention, so being able to finish up that Friday afternoon to-do list is no big deal when you have Hematite around. It can also assist with the promotion of good ideas and the removal of bad ones, as it helps with logical thinking and decision-making.

As if Hematite hasn’t been helpful enough, here are some other things you can use Hematite for
- endurance
- courage
- strength
- dissolves negativity
- confidence
- willlpower

Keep some Hematite on your desk and give it a touch next time you are feeling a little scattered at your desk, to get grounded and ready for your next step.

Clear Quartz

Girasol Quartz

Clear quartz is another stone known for its ability to enhance energy flow throughout the body. This is an excellent choice for the entrepreneur as it clears all channels so that you can be clear and confident.

This stone is a master crystal, being so versatile in its uses and benefits. Perhaps best of all, Clear Quartz is great for managing heavy and anxious emotions. It can calm panic attacks and emotional breakdowns… so perfect for the workaholic business owner, hey? ;)

Clear Quartz is an amplifier. This means that it amplifies the energies around it, especially when they are positive and complimentary to the user of the stone.

- memory
- concentration
- balance
- meditation
- energetic clearing
- calmness
- psychic abilities

Utilize Clear Quartz with all of the other crystal suggestions in this list to create an epic crystal support team, you boss you!


How To Use Crystals in Your Business

Keep Crystals in Your Office or Store

Bring your fave crystals to your office or store and keep them in a place that you see often. This way, every time you see them you can send intentions their way about the success of your business. They can also alter the vibration of the space and bring in new, positive energy.

Use Them for Meditation

Having a relaxation and meditation practice is a no-brainer when you own your own business. You need to make sure you have time to unwind and take care of yourself both mentally and physically. Keep your crystals with you during your meditation practise. Either keep them in your hand or just close by as you do your meditation exercises.

Do Some Business Manifestation Work

If you are wanting to do any kind of attraction or manifestation work as the boss lady of your biz, make sure that you include those stones! Crystals that align with prosperity and luck as helpful to keep on hand when working with manifestations of any kind.



Choosing what to keep on your desk for crystal support during the excitement that is entrepreneurship can be confusing - We hope this post has been helpful in helping you choose the right crystals to use. Remember, the most important thing is to find what works for you! If one crystal doesn’t work, try another. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations until you find something that helps lift your spirits, energizes your business, and keeps you moving forward with your dreams and goals.